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The seller shall only disclose this information within the framework of the existence of an administrative/legal obligation. Research license can be provided to the relevant authority if the seller retains the information requested by him/her in all kinds of judicial investigations documented. Credit card information is not stored strictly, credit card information is only used to ensure the provision of the authorization to the relevant banks during the collection process in a secure manner and is deleted from the system after provisioning. Information such as the e-mail address, postal address and telephone number of the recipient is used only by the vendor for standard product delivery and information procedures. In some periods, information about the campaign information, new products, promotion information can be sent to the buyer after approval. In case the buyer is a real or legal person and/or the invoice for the product subject to the contract is cut on behalf of the buyer; the buyer cannot benefit from the provisions and consumer rights to provide special rights and opportunities to consumers, which are regulated by the law and other relevant legislation on consumer protection.