Payment Terms

In case the customer does not wish to use the credit card While using our online store e-commerce platform, they can choose a money transfer payment system. The buyer can choose the bank that best suits him with money order and makes the money transfer. If the EFT has been made, the accounting date will be taken into account. When making a transfer and/or EFT, the "sender information" must be the same as the invoice information and the order number must be written. After the delivery of the product, in case the customer's credit card belongs to the Buyer is unfairly or unlawfully used by unauthorized persons due to the failure of the Buyer,in this case the related bank or financial institution fails to pay the product price to the Seller, the Buyer must send the product delivered to him to the Seller within 10 days, in which case the Buyer shall be responsible for the transportation costs. agrees, declares and undertakes that the relevant interest rates and the information on the default interest shall be confirmed by the Bank and that the provisions related to the interest and default interest shall be applied within the scope of the bill credit card agreement in between the bank and the buyer. In case of maintenance and repair inquiry, if the products are out of the warranty, the charge shall be borne by the buyer. As the pricing is different, we recommend that you consult with the relevant company.